Who's who in the new Cabinet? (2023)

The full line-up of Leo Varakdar's Cabinet has been confirmed, bringing with it little change.

While Mr Varadkar steps up to the Taoiseach's office, Simon Coveney will take over the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment with outgoing Taoiseach Micheál Martin taking on the role of Minister for Foreign Affairs and Defence.

Here's who's who in the Cabinet.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar

Fine Gael, Dublin West

Age: 43

Who's who in the new Cabinet? (1)

Bio: A medical doctor, served as Taoiseach previously between 2017 and 2020. First elected to the Dáil in 2007, he has also served in the departments of Enterprise, Transport, Health, Social Protection and Defence. Ireland’s first openly gay leader, he was also Ireland’s first leader of foreign heritage.

Tánaiste Micheál Martin

Minister for Foreign Affairs and Defence - Fianna Fáil, Cork South Central

Age: 62

Who's who in the new Cabinet? (2)

Bio: A qualified teacher, first elected to the Dáil in 1989, Martin served in Government for 14 years under Bertie Ahern and Brian Cowen between 1997 and 2011. He served in the departments of Education, Health, Enterprise and Foreign Affairs, Elected leader of Fianna Fáil following the resignation of Brian Cowen in early 2011.

Married to Mary, he is father to Micheál Áodh, Cillian and Aoibhe. They tragically lost two children Leana in 2010 and Ruairi in 2000.

Eamon Ryan

Minister for Climate Action, Communications, Energy - Green Party, Dublin Bay South

Age: 59

Who's who in the new Cabinet? (3)

Bio: The Gonzaga-educated son of a banker, Ryan was first elected to the Dáil in 2002 in the Dublin South constituency. Re-elected in 2007 and entered government with Fianna Fáil. Appointed Minister for Communications by Bertie Ahern. Lost his seat in 2011 amid party’s wipe-out, but took over as Green Party leader from John Gormley. Re-elected to Dáil in 2016 alongside Catherine Martin and party re-entered Government in 2020 having won 12 seats.

Michael McGrath

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Minister for Finance - Fianna Fáil, Cork South Central

Age: 46

Who's who in the new Cabinet? (4)

Bio: First elected to the Dáil in 2007, McGrath, a trained accountant has famously shared a constituency with Micheál Martin, often very competitively. Survived the 2011 cull of Fianna Fáil TDs and succeeded the late Brian Lenihan as the party’s finance spokesman in the years of opposition. Appointed Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform in 2020. He is the father of seven children.

Paschal Donohoe

Minister for Public Expenditure, NDP Delivery and Reform - Fine Gael, Dublin Central

Age: 48

Who's who in the new Cabinet? (5)

Bio: Recently re-elected as President of the Eurogroup of Finance Ministers, Donohoe was first elected to the Dáil in 2011. A former member of the Dáil’s Public Accounts Committee, he has served as a minister since 2013 and in Cabinet since 2014. He has held the portfolios of European Affairs, Transport, Public Expenditure and Finance.

Simon Coveney

Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment - Fine Gael, Cork South Central

Age: 50

Who's who in the new Cabinet? (6)

Bio: Nicknamed the ‘Merchant Prince’ of Cork, Coveney was first elected to the Dáil in 1998 after he stood in the by-election to fill the seat caused by the tragic death of his father. He served in the Dáil between 1998 and 2004 before he was elected to the European Parliament where he stayed until 2007 when he returned to the Dáil.

Has been in Cabinet since 2011 having served in the departments of Agriculture, Defence, Housing, Foreign Affairs. Contested the Fine Gael leadership and was subsequently appointed Tánaiste following the resignation of Frances Fitzgerald.

Catherine Martin

Minister for the Arts, Culture and Media - Green Party, Dublin Rathdown

Age: 50

Who's who in the new Cabinet? (7)

Bio: Deputy leader of the Green Party since 2011 and first elected to the Dáil in 2016 along with Eamon Ryan. Elected the first chair of The Irish Women's Parliamentary Caucus in November 2017, an organisation she spearheaded the creation of.

Initially opposed the Green Party’s entry into Government in 2020 and lost in her challenge to oust Ryan as party leader in the wake of the 2020 General Election. Appointed Minister for Arts, Culture and Media on June 27.

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Simon Harris

Minister for Higher Education and Justice - Fine Gael, Wicklow

Age: 36

Who's who in the new Cabinet? (8)

Bio: First elected in 2011 at the age of just 24, making him the youngest member of the Dáil and nominated Enda Kenny for Taoiseach on his first day. Singled out for preferment quickly by Kenny, he was appointed junior finance minister in 2014, before his elevation to the full Cabinet after the 2016 General Election.

Appointed to the difficult Health portfolio, he was re-appointed by Leo Varadkar in 2017 and a tabling of a motion of no confidence in him triggered the 2020 General Election.

He served with distinction during the first months of the Covid-19 pandemic and was moved to the newly created Higher and Further Education portfolio on June 27, 2020.

Stephen Donnelly

Minister for Health - Fianna Fáil, Wicklow

Age: 47

Who's who in the new Cabinet? (9)

Bio: A Harvard-educated management consultant, Donnelly blazed a trail as a new Independent TD first elected in 2011. Joined forces with Catherine Murphy and Roisin Shortall to establish the Social Democrats only to leave the party to join Fianna Fáil, where he was named Brexit spokesman.

Transferred to the Health portfolio, his inclusion in Micheál Martin’s 2020 Cabinet as Health Minister surprised many but confirmed suspicions of a deal with his party leader.

Had been linked with demotion in recent months, but successfully defended his position.

Norma Foley

Minister for Education - Fianna Fáil, Kerry

Age: 52

Who's who in the new Cabinet? (10)

Bio: A teacher by trade in her native Tralee, Norma Foley becomes Minister for Education just five months after taking her seat in Dáil Éireann. A surprise pick in 2020, Ms Foley took office at a time of particular tumult in education and early issues challenged her position.

Since then, she has become a solid member of Cabinet and scored a big win in the Budget by making primary school books free. However, the crisis in teacher retention will be a major challenge.

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Heather Humphreys

Minister for Social Protection/Community and Rural Development - Fine Gael, Cavan Monaghan

Age: 59

Who's who in the new Cabinet? (11)

Bio: A former credit union manager, Ms Humphreys was once seen as a liability by some in the previous Government. Now, she is its most dependable performer. Guiding a €21 billion department through Covid supports gave her the bona fides as a major player, but her deft control of the Community and Rural Development brief has been a major boon for Fine Gael. Such is her standing in government, she has been twice chosen to take the Justice brief on a temporary basis.

Charlie McConalogue

Minister for Agriculture - Fianna Fáil, Donegal

Age: 45

Who's who in the new Cabinet? (12)

Bio: That he had survived longer than his two predecessors combined within four months is an indication of how Mr McConalogue came to the job, but he has been a solid, steady minister. He has worked to modernize aspects of farming - he is a farmer himself - particularly around the issues of climate change and was successful in arguing against a higher emissions cut for the sector.

Roderic O’Gorman

Minister for Children, Equality and Integration - Green Party, Dublin West

Age: 41

Who's who in the new Cabinet? (13)

Bio: A first-time TD who took on a major department in a coalition government, Mr O'Gorman has been in the spotlight around much of the Government's work. An initial plan to abolish Direct Provision by 2024 looks unlikely to come to pass and his handling of the Mother and Baby Homes Commission report has been criticised by survivors. He has since been handed the job of overseeing Ireland's Ukraine response where he provides a compassionate face for the Government.

Darragh O’Brien

Minister for Housing - Fianna Fáil, Dublin Fingal

Age: 48

Who's who in the new Cabinet? (14)

Bio: The party's former spokesperson on the issue set about trying to solve the crisis most plaguing the Government. His flagship Housing for All plan already looks like it will need major revisions to targets amid concerns that they are not high enough. At the same time, homelessness figures have hit record highs.

Helen McEntee

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Minister without portfolio (on maternity leave) - Fine Gael, Meath East

Age: 36

Who's who in the new Cabinet? (15)

Bio: Ms McEntee is now a mother of two, having given birth to a second son last week. She broke barriers by becoming the first minister ever to take maternity leave and is hugely regarded for her work in the Department of Justice. Her reforming work and focus on women's issues has seen her tipped as a successor to Mr Varadkar.

Super Junior

Hildegarde Naughten

Chief Whip - Fine Gael, Galway West

Age: 45

Who's who in the new Cabinet? (16)

Bio: A classically trained soprano, the Galway woman was seen to have hit a bum note when operations at Dublin Airport ground to near standstill during the summer. However, she has been given a promotion to Chief Whip.

Jack Chambers

Minister for International and Road Transport and Logistics/Deputy Government Whip - Fianna Fáil, Dublin West

Age: 32

Who's who in the new Cabinet? (17)

Bio: Young, ambitious and previously in a high-profile role, Mr Chambers will have fancied his chances of being the next in line should a senior ministry have arisen. Instead, he will remain a Super-Junior minister and will lose the sports portfolio in which he has thrived.

Pippa Hackett

Senator and Minister for Agriculture with responsibility for Land Use and Biodiversity - Green Party, Senate Agricultural Panel

Age: 42

Who's who in the new Cabinet? (18)

Bio: An Offaly farmer, she is well-placed to speak on the issue of rural land use. She has been loyal to Eamon Ryan and is generally well-liked.

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Who are the 15 members of the Cabinet? ›

The Cabinet includes the Vice President and the heads of 15 executive departments — the Secretaries of Agriculture, Commerce, Defense, Education, Energy, Health and Human Services, Homeland Security, Housing and Urban Development, Interior, Labor, State, Transportation, Treasury, and Veterans Affairs, as well as the ...

What are the 14 Cabinet positions? ›

The departments of the US Cabinet include State, Treasury, Defense, Attorney General, Interior, Agriculture, Commerce, Labor, Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, Transportation, Energy, Education, Veterans Affairs, and Homeland Security.

How many people are in Joe Biden's new Cabinet? ›

In addition to the 15 heads of executive departments, there are nine Cabinet-level officials.

What is the order of presidential succession 2022? ›

Order of Presidential Succession

Vice President. Speaker of the House. President Pro Tempore of the Senate. Secretary of State.

Who are the members Cabinet? ›

Cabinet Ministers
PortfolioMinisterLeft office
Minister of Finance Minister of Corporate AffairsNirmala SitharamanIncumbent
Minister of Road Transport and HighwaysNitin GadkariIncumbent
Minister of External AffairsSubrahmanyam JaishankarIncumbent
Minister of Agriculture and Farmers WelfareNarendra Singh TomarIncumbent
28 more rows

Who are the members in Cabinet meeting? ›

  • Prime Minister of India.
  • Minister of Defence.
  • Minister of Home Affairs.
  • Minister of Finance.
  • Minister of External Affairs.

What are the 15 Cabinet departments in order of creation? ›

Following are the cabinet departments as they have existed since 1989:
  • Justice (1789)
  • State (1789)
  • Treasury (1789)
  • Interior (1849)
  • Agriculture (1889)
  • Commerce (1903; originally included Labor)
  • Labor (1913)
  • Defense (1947)

What are the 3 most important Cabinet positions? ›

Andrew Rudalevige, a professor of government at Bowdoin College in Maine, explained that the four original Cabinet posts—Defense, State, Treasury and Attorney General—remain the most important and are sometimes referred to as the “inner Cabinet.” “They get the best seats at the Cabinet table, and the people who are ...

What are 5 Cabinet level positions? ›

Additionally, the Cabinet includes the White House Chief of Staff, the US Ambassador to the United Nations, the Director of National Intelligence, and the US Trade Representative, as well as the heads of the Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Management and Budget, Council of Economic Advisers, Office of ...

What is the newest Cabinet post? ›

The newest Cabinet position is the Treasury Department. After the president appoints a cabinet member he or she must be approved by the Senate.

Who is behind the president? ›

The order of succession specifies that the office passes to the vice president; if the vice presidency is simultaneously vacant, or if the vice president is also incapacitated, the powers and duties of the presidency pass to the speaker of the House of Representatives, president pro tempore of the Senate, and then ...

How many of bidens nominees have been confirmed? ›

As of February 9, 2023, according to tracking by The Washington Post and Partnership for Public Service, 493 nominees have been confirmed by the United States Senate, 1 have been announced, 96 are being considered by the Senate, and 82 tracked positions have no nominee.

Who is 4th in line for president? ›

If the President were to resign or die, the Secretary of State is fourth in line of succession after the Vice President, the Speaker of the House, and the President pro tempore of the Senate.

Who is the next in line in the succession of being a president? ›

Line of succession

Vice President — in cases of the death, disability, or resignation of the President. Senate President — in cases of the death, disability, or resignation of the President and Vice President.

Who becomes president if the vice president dies too? ›

If the vice president is unable to serve, the Speaker of the House acts as president.

Who are Cabinet ministers? ›

A cabinet is a body of high-ranking state officials, typically consisting of the executive branch's top leaders. Members of a cabinet are usually called cabinet ministers or secretaries.

How many Cabinet positions are there? ›

The Cabinet is an advisory body made up of the heads of the 15 executive departments. Appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate, the members of the Cabinet are often the President's closest confidants.

How many members are in the Cabinet? ›

How many members are there in Cabinet Committees? The membership or composition of the Cabinet Committees varies from three to eight.

What are the 15 Cabinet positions quizlet? ›

Terms in this set (15)
  • Secretary of Agriculture. ...
  • Secretary of Commerce. ...
  • Secretary of Defense. ...
  • Secretary of Education. ...
  • Secretary of Energy. ...
  • Secretary of Health and Human Services. ...
  • Secretary of Homeland Security. ...
  • Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

What do we call the leaders of the 15 cabinets except one? ›

The Cabinet is a group of the President's top advisors. It is made up of the heads of the 15 main executive departments. Each of the department heads has the title Secretary, like Secretary of Defense or Secretary of Education, except for the head of the Justice Department who is called the Attorney General.

How many US cabinet members are there? ›

The Cabinet is an advisory body made up of the heads of the 15 executive departments. Appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate, the members of the Cabinet are often the President's closest confidants.

How many Cabinet members are there currently? ›

While not explicitly identified in the Constitution, the Cabinet secretaries are the 15 agency heads who are in the presidential line of succession. The vice president is also part of the Cabinet.


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