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September 9, 2022

We've been homebodies for the last couple of years, loving our loungewear and extra time with a cup of Coffee and a Netflix special or two. But as the world moves on, and winter season slowly fades, it’s time to flex your fashion muscles and start planning your Spring Racing season attire.

Celebrated by Aussies everywhere, the Spring Races are one of the most fun and fashionable times of the year. Either for the Melbourne Cup, Caulfield cup - we’ve got you covered!

Different Types of Race Day Events

First, the race you are planning to attend will dictate your race day outfit – each has its own distinct fashion vibe. Keep reading for more tips on what to wear to the races.

Whichever race you’re attending, it’s a good idea to be familiar with the dress code that applies to most Australian racecourses.

  • The Melbourne Cup ( Bright, Bold, Colourful and Extravagant) This is your chance to really go all out. Bright colours are popular, as are sparkles and big fascinators. This is one day you definitely want to wear a headpiece for. That applies not just to Flemington, but any of the big Melbourne Cup events that are held across the country
  • Derby Day( Monochrome)Derby Day attendees will be wearing just black and white. You can be head to toe in one or the other, but it’s even better if you can mix in a bit of each. The code applies to all parts of your outfit, including shoes and bag.
  • Oaks Day Traditionally known as Ladies Day, Oaks Day asks you to bring out your feminine side. This day is filled with pink and pastels, florals, prints, lace and dainty headpieces. It’s more chic rather than over-the-top.
  • The Caulfield Cup (Bold Colours) is the event for classic style and bold colours.
  • Stakes Day Also known as “Family Day”, Stakes Day is more relaxed relative to other race days of the season (but not too relaxed!). Keep things simple with a summer dress, something floaty and fun, with a simple headpiece
  • The Everest ( Blue Hues ) Randwick Attendees of The Everest, labeled “the world’s richest turf race” are encouraged to wear white with a splash of light blue, in keeping with tradition. It’s certainly not one you need to follow though – you won’t look out of place in other colours.

Whichever race you’re attending, it’s a good idea to be familiar with the dress code that applies to most Australian racecourses

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  • Choose a tasteful, classy outfit – a high standard of dress is always required.
  • Accessorise with headwear, a clutch and jewellery to complete your look.
  • Wear sunscreen – you will burn even on a cloudy day.
  • Have a back-up outfit ready in case of race day prep disasters or unseasonal weather.
  • Have fun and experiment with your race day fashion!


  • Wear anything casual like denim, sportswear, untailored pants and jackets, leggings, sneakers or thongs (shoes that go between the first two toes).
  • Show too much skin – bare midriffs (including cut-outs) are a no-no, as are strapless dresses or spaghetti straps in members’ areas. Avoid shorts and short playsuits.
  • Don’t choose an outfit with rips or tears, even if they are designer.
  • Pick a shoe that will sink into the dirt or give you blisters – you’ll be on your feet a lot, and you don’t want to end up barefoot.

Choosing The Perfect Dress For The Races

Now that you know what’s expected on the day, it’s time to start choosing what to wear to the races. At GlamCorner, we’ve partnered with some outstanding Australian designers to bring you key spring racing fashion pieces that you’ll love to be seen in, with ranges to suit every demographic.


LEO LIN is the epitome of luxury tailoring, captivating designs and modern silhouettes. Perfect for any occasion, their breathtaking pieces plus hand-drawn prints will turn heads and make you feel amazing. From their flirty and whimsical style, these outfits are great for every race day event

What to Wear to the Races | GlamCorner (3)


Rebecca Vallance

If you’re looking for crisp, tailored pieces in luxurious fabrics, and strong, elegant lines, then Rebecca Vallance could be the designer for you. Her range, which she describes as “classic with a twist” suits women who want to project a powerful, confident look. A re-interpretation of the traditional silhouette, her clothes are designed to flatter your figure and make heads turn.

What to Wear to the Races | GlamCorner (4)



What to Wear to the Races | GlamCorner (5)

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Inspired by the modern simplicity of the French, but transformed with an Australian flair, Pasduchas is all about edgy femininity. With a combination of tight-fitting sexy pieces, feminine sundresses and striking power suits, there is something for everyone in the Pasduchas range.



What to Wear to the Races | GlamCorner (6)

Shop Zimmermann for a fraction of the retail price. Explore a luxury range of ready-to-wear and Race day -style dresses for hire that embraces an effortless sophistication and relaxed femininity. Rent Zimmermann minis, maxis and more from the collection



What to Wear to the Races | GlamCorner (7)

Baske in an effortless Australian style, with elevated off-duty essentials and Race day statement occasion pieces


Fabulous Fascinators

Of course, the dress is only one part of your perfect race day look. Choosing a headpiece that works beautifully with your outfit is equally as important. These millinery designers offer something to complement every spring racing outfit.

Heather McDowall

Heather’s love of texture and shape has inspired her to create a chic range of fascinators, crowns, hats and clips that are ideal for a day at the races. She combines drama and timeless elegance, bringing contemporary cool with elements like lace, leather and metal.

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Explore more Heather McDowall headwear here

Morgan and Taylor

Regardless of what you’re planning for your race day outfit, Morgan & Taylor have something to suit in their extensive range of fascinators, hats, headpieces, crowns, bows, clips and turbans. Their designs are easy to wear, practical yet cool, and effortlessly elegant


Eve Til Dawn

If you’re looking for something feminine, floral, or boho-chic, this headwear range is perfect for you. Eve Til Dawn specialises in floral crowns and exclusive pieces which are intricate, delicate, and a beautiful way to complement your race day outfit.

Explore more Eve Til Dawn headwear here

Amazing Accessories

You’re not finished yet! The difference between a good outfit and a great one is in the secret little details that help you look race-day-perfect all day long.

  • Stiletto stoppers: If you just can’t get by without your stilettos, then these little heel protectors are a racecourse must-have, stopping your heels from sinking into the grass.
  • Gel cushions: Stay comfy all day by putting these clear silicone cushions in your shoes. Your feet will love you for it.
  • Spanx: Feel comfortable and confident in that slinky dress by slipping into some breathable, smoothing shapewear.
  • Bra accessories: There’s a wide range of items you can use to make sure you’re strap-free and fitting your race day dress perfectly, such as bra converters, stick-on cups, cleavage enhancers and much more!'
  • Fold-up flats: Pop these little ballet flats into your clutch so, after a long day on your feet, you can relax on the ride home.

Visit our spring racing edit page for more inspiration for spring racing dresses, headpieces and accessories.

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What should a lady wear to the races? ›

Wear anything casual like denim, sportswear, untailored pants and jackets, leggings, sneakers or thongs (shoes that go between the first two toes). Show too much skin – bare midriffs (including cut-outs) are a no-no, as are strapless dresses or spaghetti straps in members' areas. Avoid shorts and short playsuits.

What should you not wear to the races? ›

Although far from compulsory in all enclosures, smart dress is the accepted dress code for racegoers. Trainers and shorts are widely regarded as unacceptable, although not forbidden in some enclosures or at some meetings. The classic Flat racing attire for men is a collared shirt with trousers and smart shoes.

How should I dress for a night at the races? ›

Your look should always be elegant but you do have a lot more style freedom, think of what you'd wear to a cocktail gathering. When you're putting together your evening race meet outfit, look for a sleek style that works with textures rather than bold colours which will keep you flawlessly chic.

What should I wear to the Australian races? ›

Entry to the general admission areas of the racecourse requires guests to be neatly dressed. Gentlemen are expected to wear a button collared shirt, coupled with a suit jacket and pants. Ladies have the option of a dress or pants, but must be neatly dressed, and wear shoes at all times.

Can I wear black to the races? ›

Getting dressed up for the races is fun and your outfit should reflect that. Therefore, consider choosing a bright or floral colored dress that you usually wouldn't have chosen. Black is chic, but for the races, you can play around with pinks and bold blues.

Should you look at your watch during a race? ›

Ruiz advises athletes running half marathons and marathons to check their watch at least once per mile at the start of the race, because going too hard too early can be a recipe for disaster. However, he tells marathoners to pretty much ignore their watch after mile 20.

What kind of shoes should I wear to a race? ›

Footwear to the races needs a lot of thought, your shoes need to be comfortable to walk around in as you do a lot of walking but also need to look smart. For women, we would advise footwear such as wedges and for men, we would advise loafers or derbies.

Should you wear new shoes to a race? ›

Shoes shouldn't be too old or too new for your actual race. They need some miles because at least one small study showed that brand-new shoes are not as flexible—they need a little break-in. 2 On marathon day, wear shoes that have about 40 to 50 miles on them, so they still have most of their cushioning left.

What should you not do the day before a race? ›

Just make sure that you don't do a significant, hard workout, like a long run, speed workout, or strength training. If you think you perform better on rest and you don't need a short shake-out run, then just relax during those 24 hours leading up to the race.

What jacket do you wear to the races? ›

Best jackets to wear to the races

A tailored jacket is an ideal choice for a race day outfit. The best blazers and boucle tweed jackets are timeless and will complement most outfits.

How do you prepare for a race in one day? ›

Preparing for Race Day
  1. Taper your training.
  2. Properly hydrate.
  3. Boost your carb intake.
  4. Don't try anything new.
  5. Be mindful of the weather.
  6. Things to do on race day.

Do you dress up for horse races? ›

Smart dress is a key part of attendance at most races. And in some enclosures there are strict rules about what can and can't be worn. So wherever you're going, it's a good idea to check out the website of the venue beforehand. That will give you detailed guidance on any dress code that applies.

What do you wear to the races in the winter 2022? ›

Men's outfits should include suit or jacket and tie. Women's must include headwear and complimentary seasonally suitable accessories. Both outfits should reflect current fashion trends and be suitable for the season and weather on the day ie winter races.

What do you wear to the spring 2022 races? ›

As the race that stops the nation, you'll want your outfit to be a show-stopper. Bright colours are popular, as are sparkles and big fascinators. This is one day you definitely want to wear a headpiece for. That applies not just to Flemington, but any of the big Melbourne Cup events that are held across the country!

Can you wear ripped jeans to the races? ›

Not acceptable:

Tracksuits, board shorts, cargo shorts or footy/sports/running shorts. Any torn or ripped clothing. Any form of the following footwear: joggers/runners, sports/track shoes, sandals, thongs, 'crocs', dilapidated footwear, scuffs, gumboots or slippers. Blue denim.

What do you wear to the races on a cold day? ›

A wool or wool-blend fabric is the perfect choice for a cold weather day at the races. Limiting your need to layer, a wool dress is heavier than most other fabrics, locking in a little extra warmth. This will allow you to stay comfortable outdoors, so you don't miss a beat.

What should I pack for a day at the races? ›

Race-day outfit & shoes. Watch (if you use one) Fuel (gels, chews, etc.) Wallet (ID, credit card, cash,insurance card)
  • Print out pre-race instructions.
  • Anti-chafe lotion.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Visor/cap.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Headphones/music players.
  • Fuel belt.
  • Safety pins.
6 Apr 2016

Should hat bag and shoes match? ›

Shoes and handbags: Shoes, bag and hat do not need to all match as long as your outfit coordinates as a whole then all three can be different colours if you wish. Often we recommend two items in a colour is enough to coordinate, again, you can over match!

Should you drink water during a race? ›

Drink water before, during, and after a run. Drinking before, during, and after training is just as important as drinking during the rest of the day.

What should I do 2 hours before a race? ›

2 hours before the run: Oatmeal, granola, avocado toast, a PB &J are all great choices. 1 hour before the run: Something easy to digest like an energy bar should settle well. You could also include 8-12 ounces of a sports drink with electrolytes to make sure you're properly hydrated.

Is it better to look up or down when running? ›

While jogging, maintain good posture, engage your core, and gaze forward. Avoid tilting your head down and slumping your shoulders. Broaden your chest, and keep it lifted as you draw your shoulders down and back.

Are nerves good before a race? ›

The difference is that pre-race jitters or butterflies are helpful to your race—they help you focus and perform better. However, real “performance anxiety” is a reaction to stress or fear about the event that can cause excess tension.

What colour suit do you wear to the races? ›

Wearing a really good fitting suit is something you should definitely be thinking about, the classic colours of grey or navy will never go wrong. If you're into pea-cocking this is one of the events to do it at, wearing patterns or colours could be considered, with stand outs such as greens, reds or beige.

What is the best color for running shoes? ›

So how do you know which color to choose? Consider the surface you typically run on. If that's concrete or asphalt, which cause more wear and tear on your shoes, go with black soles. And if you run on a padded track, treadmill, grass, or dirt trail, colored soles will take you the distance.

Should you nut before a race? ›

Levitt, M.D., a 14-time marathoner and board-certified ob-gyn with the Women's Group of Northwestern in Chicago. “But physiologically there is no reason why you can't or shouldn't have sex the night before a race.”

Should you have a bath before a race? ›

A short pre-exercise hot tub soak can make the run more pleasant, especially on a cold day, because it increases blood flow to your legs. Remember that you've already started sweating when you soak, and be sure keep hydrated.

Should I race without socks? ›

The sockless approach isn't for everyone, but some runners may find it to be just the ticket for comfort and performance. Some reasons runners ditch the socks: A better “feel” for the road or trail. Increased ventilation for hot and sweaty runs.

What should I do 4 hours before a race? ›

If you are eating four hours before the start, you want a mixed meal containing fat, protein, and carbohydrate (including fiber and both complex and simple carbohydrates). Fat, protein, and fiber slow gastric emptying and slow digestion, which helps you feel satisfied longer.

How do I not get tired before a race? ›

Warm Up. Avoid running without a warm-up first. Performing some dynamic stretches and low-intensity aerobic exercise for five to 15 minutes before a run can help to reduce injury risk by warming up your muscles. Factor each warm-up into your training plan to avoid running out of time or coming up with excuses.

What do you do the morning of a race? ›

Get up at least three hours before the start so you have time to eat, drink, and use the bathroom. Aim to be at the starting area at least an hour in advance—earlier if it's a large race—to get your bearings and use the bathroom again. Do get in line.

Do you have to wear a headpiece to the races? ›

Is A Headpiece Always Appropriate for The Races? It is always appropriate to rock an elegant headpiece or hat to the horse racing to accessorize your outfit. However, it is not always essential. Depending on your individual event, check the dress code to see if a hat is part of the attire requirements.

Can you wear short sleeve to races? ›

While there are no formal dress rules beyond this the following section and photos has been prepared as a guide to help you assemble your raceday fashion statement. Short sleeved shirts, bow ties, cravats and dress shorts are all also accepted within the dress code.

Can I wear chinos to the races? ›

Chino Trousers for a classic Grand National outfit

If you're not someone who's interested in dressing in a full-piece suit for the races, tone it down with some more casual Chino trousers. Keep it simple, but classic when you match your Chino's with a Tattersall shirt and tie.

How do I get energy before a race? ›

Get a quick energy boost before a run as part of regular training
  1. Sweets - if you are about to go for a run, these can be a guilt free way of getting an energy boost.
  2. Bananas, which are a source of carbohydrates and complex sugars.
  3. Consider taking an energy drink before running for a quick burst of calories.

How much should I sleep before a race? ›

But athletes, and more importantly endurance athletes especially need to be conscious of the number of hours they sleep as well as the quality of that rest. At least 7.5 hours of sleep is suggested by most researchers today but over 8 hours of sleep is a good benchmark to have your best performance.

What should you not wear around a horse? ›

Wearing Baggy Clothes

Flowing scarves, baggy pants, bulky sweaters with loose waists, and other sloppy or loose clothing can get caught on the saddle if you should fall off. Getting caught half-way down means you could get dragged, and that is far more dangerous than falling clear of the horse.

Is it OK to horse ride in jeans? ›

What type of pants should you wear horseback riding? You should wear breeches, jodhpurs, tight-fitting jeans, or yoga pants/leggings. Any of these options will work well for most riding situations.

What should I wear to Winter race 2022? ›

A nice dress or suit is always a good choice, or you can go for a more casual look with a sweater and pants. Finally, be sure to comfortable. You'll be standing and walking around a lot, so you'll want to make sure your shoes are comfortable. Avoid heels if possible, and opt for flats or boots instead.

What is ladies Day at the races? ›

Ladies Days are where the excitement of Racing meets high fashion so dress to impress. Hats & facinators are very often worn by the Ladies but not compulsary.

Is cold shoulder still in style for 2022? ›

Cold Shoulder Tops have been a popular trend in the last few years because they add a subtle sexiness to a casual summer outfit. I've recently had a few emails asking if cold shoulder tops are still in style in 2022? The answer is yes!

What do you wear to a race in cold weather? ›

For a race in the cold—and especially if it's wet out—have a friend or family member meet you afterward with warm clothing, including dry socks, warm sweatpants, a long-sleeved shirt, a sweatshirt and/or jacket, gloves, and a warm hat.

Are tights in for 2022? ›

Are tights and shorts in style 2022? Yes, wearing logo tights and shorts is in fashion for 2022.

Do you have to wear a fascinator to ladies day? ›


Wear a jacket, collar and tie. Wear a fascinator or hat. Jeans, sports shorts, denim or trainers are not acceptable.

What do men wear to ladies day at the races? ›

For gentlemen it is best to wear a suit and for ladies a smart dress. Hats are an optional choice but many see the races as a prime place to don some head ware. There is Ladies Day, of course, which celebrates the style and fashions that are seen at Aintree with a Best Dressed competition.

Can men go to ladies day at racing? ›

The main question is "Are Men Allowed?" Of course! Everyone is welcome - the lovely ladies get the chance to don their gladrags and the men get to dust off the suit reserved for special occasions!

What shoes do you wear to races? ›

Footwear to the races needs a lot of thought, your shoes need to be comfortable to walk around in as you do a lot of walking but also need to look smart. For women, we would advise footwear such as wedges and for men, we would advise loafers or derbies.

Should you wear a pocket square to the races? ›

Pocket squares are a must with navy suits but you can even pull your chest pocket inside out if you want a pocket square to match your jacket lining. Matching formal shoes to consider here are black, brown, and burgundy.

Can you wear navy to the races? ›

Start the race in winning colours

Ensure you have the winning outfit and go with core colours like grey, navy, and blue. These colours will always be in style and they'll go with almost anything.

What do I need for a day at the races? ›

5 Things You Shouldn't Forget for a Day at the Races
  • Binoculars for Watching the Race Unfold. ...
  • Anker Powercore to Recharge Your Smartphone. ...
  • The Bare Essentials for Race Day. ...
  • Racing App/Website to Place Bets and Check Odds. ...
  • Snacks - The Most Necessary but Temporary Item for Race Day.
16 Mar 2020


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