Escazu Costa Rica, The Tendry Suburb in San Jose (2023)

Visiting Escazu Costa Rica

Escazu is a suburb of San Jose in the Central Valley of Costa Rica. In Escazu you’ll find great bars, restaurants, shopping, and medical care. It is home to one of the best shopping malls in San Jose, the Multiplaza Escazu, the modern Hospital La Cima and several high-end hotels. A lot of European and North American expats have settled in Escazu and Santa Ana because it is physically close to San Jose yet seems so far away from the bustling city atmosphere. Escazu is a great location for those looking for a combination of modern amenities and high end real estate, gated communities sophisticated dining and Tico culture.


San Rafael de Escazú

Escazu Costa Rica, The Tendry Suburb in San Jose (1)There are two parts of Escazu; San Rafael de Escazu is right at the exit of the highway as you come from San Jose. It is modern and trendy, a good neighborhood with pretty houses, condos and many high end restaurants, hotels, bars, lounges and 3D cinemas. It is home to some of the most exclusive Hotels in Costa Rica. Escazu Costa Rica is also excellent for those who enjoy gourmet food. Find Indian and Italian to Spanish and French, to Costa Rican and chinese!

The Old Colonial Escazu

Escazu Costa Rica, The Tendry Suburb in San Jose (2)As you go up from San Rafael in the mountains of Escazu you will reach the old town of Escazu. This is a lot more traditional than San Rafael, with lots of typical little restaurants and inns. As you keep going up you reach yet another town, San Antonio de Escazu. From there you may visit some outstanding lodges and restaurants, offering spectacular views and outstanding food in a great friendly and elegant ambiance. If you like hiking, you may take a walk up Pico Blanco towards the big cross of Escazu.

At first, the trail is fairly flat. The views are superb and it is still very rural, considering it is so close from the city. The whole hike takes about 3 hours but is well worth it. Another interesting thing to do is the vegetable market on Saturday where you may meet the local people. Mostly people go to the old Escazu and to San Antonio to enjoy the incredible views of the Central Valley.


Escazu Costa Rica, The Tendry Suburb in San Jose (3)The Multiplaza is the best mall in Costa Rica. Spend an entire day shopping at designer stores including Oscar de la Renta and Kenneth Cole. After you’re shopped out you can see a movie at one of the two movie theaters, chose a high-end restaurant to enjoy and pick up your favorite imported groceries from Auto Mercado.


Visit between December-April:

Escazu is in Costa Rica’s Central Valley, which means the weather feels like spring almost all year round. Between December and April the skies are clear and dry 24/7.

Go Shopping:

Escazu is home to Costa Rica’s best shopping mall. You’ll find international brands, a movie theater and food court all under one roof.

Go on Day Trips:

There are several day trips from San Jose that are worth going on. Visit the Poas Volcano, La Paz Waterfall Gardens or the waterfall at Finca San Gerardo.

Visit Nearby Cities:

There are several small cities and suburbs close to San Jose that you can spend a half a day or full day exploring. Visit Cartago, Sarchi, or Heredia.


Escazu Costa Rica, The Tendry Suburb in San Jose (4)Whether you’re looking a traditional Costa Rican casado, Italian, Vietnamese, South American, Indian, vegan or North American food, you will find exactly what you want to eat in Escazu. Stop by PHO for class Vietnamese, Pimento for Italian or Mediterranean or Factory Steak and Lobster for incredible sea food. You won’t go hungry during your stay in Escazu!

Where to Stay

Escazu Costa Rica, The Tendry Suburb in San Jose (5)The Escazu hotels are perfect for tourists looking for a relaxing, high-end stay in the city. If you want a 5 star hotel right next to the Multiplaza, stay the Real Intercontinental. For a boutique feel stay at the Hotel Alta las Palomas and enjoy a pool, sauna, private jacuzzi and bar/lounge. For a family-friendly hotel, book your room at the Residence Inn. There you and your whole family can get pampered in the luxury spa, work out in the fitness center and take a dip in the pool. If you’re looking for a more affordable option, try the Courtyard Marriott and enjoy a restaurant and pool.

Getting There

Closest International Airport: Juan Santamaria International Airport (SJO)

Escazu Costa Rica, The Tendry Suburb in San Jose (6)Escazu is only about 15 minutes away from San Jose and 30 minutes away from the SJO international airport. My Costa Rica can arrange a private transfer or shuttle ride for you, or you can rent a car or order an Uber, now available in San Jose.

Escazu, Costa Rica - Get Info

Escazu, Costa Rica Map

Conveniently located 15 minutes from the Capital City, San Jose, Escazu is a great place to spend a few days.

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Real InterContinental

This resort is a surprising luxury oasis in the heart of an Jose's most exclusive and wealthy area, Escazú, offering class...

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Courtyard Marriott

Courtyard by Marriott San Jose Escazu, located in Costa Rica, is the perfect location for both your personal and business ...

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Residence Inn

The Residence Inn San Jose Escazu’s proximity to the airport makes it a great place to either start or end your trip here ...

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Holiday Inn

The Holiday Inn Escazu is conveniently located in the ever so popular and trendy area of Escazu, a few minutes away from M...

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Wyndham Garden

If you’re traveling with kids, keep in mind that children 12 and under stay free at the Wyndham Garden Escazu.

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Escazu, Costa Rica

Visiting Escazu Costa Rica Escazu is a suburb of San Jose in the Central Valley of Costa Rica. In Escazu you’ll find...

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Escazu, Costa Rica Hotels

Find luxurious and peaceful world-class hotels close enough to visit the city but far enough away to relax in paradise.

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