Ashok Khemka IAS Officer - Biography | Education & Case (2023)

All of us know about the busy lives of IAS officers. We also have an idea about IAS transfers. After training, an IAS officer gets a cadre. This is usually a state/area of operation for an IAS officer. The cadre is changed under certain conditions only. However, IAS transfers are nothing alien now. In today’s times, transfers are very common. But why are officers transferred? This is a question in many minds. Today’s article will try to answer this question. Almost every officer faces a transfer in his career. In today’s article, we will speak about Ashok Khemka IAS education and transfer. This officer has been in the news many times. We are sure you have come across this name a lot of times. But what is unique about this officer? We will get a clear idea about Ashok Khemka IAS in this article. Let us now begin!

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  1. Ashok Khemka IAS Intro
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  3. Robert Vadra and DLF Controversy
  4. Controversy in Detail
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  5. Ashok Khemka’s Academics and Biography Details
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Ashok Khemka IAS Intro

Let us first talk about the officer’s basic intro. Ashok Khemka belongs to the IAS. He is from the 1991 batch Haryana cadre. The officer is famous for many different cases. After we read about the intro, we will jump to some of his cases. The officer spent his early life in Kolkata, India. Sources say that he was born in a lower-class family. The officer’s current age is 56 years. He was born on the 30th of April 1965. The officer received his primary education in a reputed school. That is St. Xavier’s Collegiate School. This school is located in Kolkata itself. Further, Ashok Khemka decided to opt for B.Tech. He selected B.Tech in computer engineering. Ashok Khemka’s education shows that he is an IITian. Hence, he pursued his B.Tech from IIT Kharagpur. He graduated in the year 1988.


The officer didn’t stop at B.Tech. He decided to study for his Ph.D. after B.Tech. Thus, he decided to pursue a Ph.D. in computer science. Ashok Khemka IAS pursued his Ph.D. in Mumbai. He chose the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. However, he didn’t stop here. Ashok Khemka’s Education portfolio is very rich. The officer also holds an MBA degree. He pursued an MBA in Business Admin and Finance. In addition to this, Ashok Khemka IAS has an MA in Economics degree from IGNOU. Furthermore, he cracked the UPSC exam in the year 1991. Ashok Khemka’s personal life is quite private. Hence, we have limited info about this aspect. The officer is from a typical Marwari family. Moreover, he is married to a wife and two kids. His wife is Jyoti Khemka. The two sons are named Ganesh and Srinath.

Ashok Khemka IAS Transfer Tales

Why is the IAS so much in news? Ashok Khemka’s Transfers are quite popular. So far the officer has completed 28 years of his career. In these many years, he was transferred 53 times. The officer is known for his honesty. The officer has truly been the epitome of true service to the country. He has really implemented all the ethics in his professional life. He is famous as a whistleblower in several cases during the tenure of Bhupinder Hooda govt. Ashok Khemka IAS is also famous for handling the Robert Vadra case. Let us now read about some of his transfer reasons.

Firstly, the officer began his career after his IAS training. However, during his career, the officer often received unusual transfer orders. Senior officials and politicians issued such orders orally. But, Ashok Khemka didn’t fall for this. He did not follow the oral orders. Instead, the officer demanded written transfer orders always. This brought him under the notice of the CM. Thereby leading to his multiple transfers. But are such transfers valid? Let us see what the govt directive says. It states that an IAS officer must complete at least 2 years of posting before transfer. However, Ashok Khemka’s transfers didn’t stop. The officer didn’t stay silent in case of wrong contracts. He also revealed suspicious deals and unusual requests. However, his voice was overlooked by the higher officials.

Robert Vadra and DLF Controversy

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As always, Ashok Khemka’s peer’s advised him to let go of these issues. However, this did not stop him from reporting the ill-doings. In 2012, the officer was, particularly in news. The IAS officer canceled the mutation deal. The deal was b/w Robert Vadra and DLF. The officer stated that the deal had many financial issues. Hence, it cannot be passed. The officer faced his 52nd transfer in the year 2019. He didn’t survive in a single posting for more than 18 months. Moreover, The shortest Ashok Khemka transfer duration was 11 months only. Hence, these transfer has caused him a lot of discomforts.

Controversy in Detail

Further, in the year 2021, the officer faced his 54th transfer. By now, the officer has completed 29 years of his career. The officer was transferred as the Principal Secretary, Haryana Sci, and Tech Dept. Before this transfer, he held the post of Principal Secretary in the archives, archaeology, and museums. Let us now read about Ashok Khemka IAS transfer’s Robert Vadra controversy. We read that the officer declined the deal b/w Robert and DLF. This brought him to the news. Furthermore, he was accused that the actions being taken due to political and personal reasons.

However, the officer denied these allegations. Instead, he stated that he was just doing his job and there was nothing personal. Following this, the Haryana govt decided to set up a committee. Soon the committee results were out. The results gave Robert Vadra a clean chit. Moreover, charges were filed against Ashok Khemka. These charges were for causing damage to Robert’s image and illegally canceling the deal. However, soon Khemka got to know that the committee members played a foul game. One of the members was transferred as a real estate regulator after he declared the committee results. Clearly, this transfer was his reward for the committee results.

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More about his transfers

He made a tweet in this context. Hence, the word reached a wider audience. Here comes another transfer for the officer. In 2017, the officer faced his 51st transfer. This posting was under the Haryana sports minister Anil Vij. Here he served as the Principal Secretary in the youth affairs and sports dept. However, the officer knew that this wasn’t the end of his transfers. Despite so much struggle due to Ashok Khemka’s transfer cases, he has been equally lauded for his honesty. He has been honored with several awards for his commendable bravery. We also talked about Ashok Khemka IAS officer’s education. His degrees clearly show his interest in education. The officer believes in the constant collection of knowledge.

Ashok Khemka’s Academics and Biography Details

From early years, the officer is fond of law as a subject. He has also topped the Punjab University Law exam in the year 2016. The officer desires to study law after his retirement. His after-school degrees are laudable. However, one must know that the officer has been a very brilliant student during their school years. He believes in reading his books with full attention. Thus he grasped concepts and stored them for a long time. Ashok Khemka IAS is not only academically strong but also the most ethical officer in the country.

What is the takeaway here? No matter how many hurdles come your way, you never stop doing your work. No amount of death threats or transfers stopped the officer from being honest. He has preserved his integrity at all costs. The officer’s story is so inspiring that it deserved to reach more people outside the field. A very famous book helped people to learn about the officer’s life story. “Just Transferred: The untold story of Ashok Khemka” is the book title. Bhavdeep Kang and Namita Kala have authored this book. You can read this book in kindle or paperback edition. For more details: click here. You can read about more such officers and their inspiring stories. To keep reading such biographies: click here.

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What is the age of Ashok Khemka IAS officer?

The IAS officer was born on the 30th of April. His birth year is 1965. Hence, his age is 56 years presently.

What is Ashok Khemka’s education?

The IAS officer is a bright student from his early schooling years. Being said that, he decided to pursue computer engineering for his higher ed. Further, he studied for a Ph.D. in computer science. He is an MA in economics. Moreover, the officer also holds an MBA degree in business admin and finance. In addition to this, he is a law enthusiast. He also cracked the UPSC exam with flying colors in 1991.

In which cadre does Ashok Khemka IAS serve?

The officer was allotted the Haryana cadre after his training. He has been transferred to various departments. By far, the officer has faced 54 transfers in his career of 29 years.

What is Ashok Khemka’s Book Title?

The title of the book is ” Just Transferred: The untold story of Ashok Khemka”

Editor’s Note | Ashok Khemka IAS

Here we will conclude our article. Today we read about Ashok Khemka IAS officer. We also read about Ashok Khemka’s Education and Transfer History. Our article started with the officer’s biography. Hence, we first introduced him to the readers. Further, we talked about his educational interests and personal life. Then, we read about his transfer stories. Moreover, we learned many different facts about the officer as well. The story is very inspiring for young candidates. It is a very interesting example of GS paper IV. One must clearly note down the takeaways for future reading.

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