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1. About Iqiyi:

If you are interested in Asian movies, dramas, or tv shows, Iqiyi is one of the best choices to enjoy. So what is it?

Iqiyi is right now one of the biggest online video destinations in the world, with about 6 billion hours going through on its benefit each month and over 500 million monthly dynamic clients.

90% OFF Iqiyi.Com Coupon Code | Promo Code | Jan-2023 (1)

When Iqiyi was released

Baidu, the business behind China's largest internet search engine, partnered with Providence Equity Partners to launch Iqiyi on April 22, 2010. In November 2011, it changed its name to Iqiyi.

How popular Iqiyi is

On September 4, Iqiyi partnered with the Venice Film Festival to stream films from the festival online. In August 2014, Iqiyi's website received over 6.95 billion hours of viewing. Iqiyi attended the Busan Film Festival in October and signed exclusive rights to roughly 100 South Korean films. Xiaomi and Shunwei Capital invested $300 million in iQiyi on November 19, 2014, for roughly 10% to 15% of the site, while Baidu invested an additional $100 million and retained about 80%.

90% OFF Iqiyi.Com Coupon Code | Promo Code | Jan-2023 (2)

2. Top features of Iqiyi

Huge movie platform

Iqiyi enables users to access a wide library of classic and current Chinese films, Korean films, and anime with numerous subtitles. In August 2014, Iqiyi's website received over 6.95 billion hours of viewing time. Iqiyi attended the Busan Film Festival in October, where it signed exclusive rights to roughly 100 South Korean titles. The platform intends to release 20 movies each year by 2023, with a staggering online pricing scheme.

Constant updates

Iqiyi often introduces new interactive features to improve the viewing experience. Two outstanding functions are Heartbeat Mode and Revolving Bullet Comments. Heartbeat Mode allows viewers to engage in thrilling moments on-screen by synchronizing the vibrations of their phones with on-screen actions. Meanwhile, the Revolving Bullet Comments technology allows bullet comments (text-based user replies displayed on the screen as internet videos play) to revolve around certain characters in shows. The two new elements, which push the bounds of interactivity, contribute to a closer connection between viewers and the material. Besides, the Revolving Bullet Comments feature inserts a dynamic background between the original background and the characters using AI character recognition and portrait matting technology. This technology not only allows users to see the bullet remarks as traveling between the characters and the background (rather than on top of the characters), but it also prevents difficulties like stuttering and shaking from interfering with the viewing experience.

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4. People also ask

How much does iQiyi charge per month?

The price adjustment is important to support the quality content production of the platform. Even though the new iQIYI pricing costs $4.7 per month and $3.5 for subsequent months, the price is the highest in China, compared with rivals, which offer slightly lower prices for all their plans.

Is Iqiyi free?

Get a free three-month Standard VIP Subscription, if you purchase a new GPlan. Terms and Conditions apply. Get a free three-month Standard VIP Subscription, if you purchase a Globe Streamwatch 2-in-1 Device with Globe at Home Postpaid. Terms and Conditions apply.

Is there payment in iQiyi?

iQiyi currently supports Credit Card/Debit Card/Google Pay/ Apple Pay. More payment methods are under development.

Can I download iQiyi on my laptop?

Download iQIYI – Movies, Dramas & Shows on PC with MEmu Android Emulator.

How can I share my iQiyi account?

Your VIP Membership is for personal use only and cannot be transferred among iQIYI accounts during the period of Service. You are strictly prohibited from giving away, lending, renting, transferring, or selling any iQIYI account, including but not limited to the VIP Membership account.

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6. More about Iqiyi

Iqiyi Website

Iqiyi Facebook

Iqiyi Instagram

Iqiyi Twitter

Iqiyi Youtube

Iqiyi.Com​ FAQs

Does Iqiyi.Com offer

Iqiyi.Com offers ''Buy one get one" on some special occasions for certain items. We

regularly update the latest coupons at each period, please follow the site to get gifts as soon as possible.

How do I obtain a coupon at Iqiyi.Com?

Please check out Iqiyi.Com's site to be sure that there are available Iqiyi.Com coupons for promotions or Customer Service at that time. In case you are chosen to obtain those available coupons, you may receive your coupon by email, or a mailed catalog or postcard.

Are there any tips for Iqiyi.Com Coupon use?

Our advice for you to use Iqiyi.Com Coupon effectively is to choose the right day.
Like thousands of other consumers, the time of promotion is when they choose to
shop at Iqiyi.Com, so take advantage of coupons released on those days to save.

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Are Year-End Deals from Iqiyi.Com applied to the entire site?

The sitewide discount from Iqiyi.Com is applied on certain purchases. For Year-End Deals, the store may have its own requirement to offer you a sitewide discount.


Seeing all the reviews of the previous consumers is the smart way that many people are applying for their favorite items at Iqiyi.Com site. If you are interested in Iqiyi.Com's services, discount programs, or any other items, Don't forget to refer to all the comments of thousands of customers at Iqiyi.Com site or here.All the highlight reviews including the pros and cons are shown clearly below. Read now to make your own decision!

· iQiyi Review: Cost. CHEAP, 2USD p/m. iQiyi offers a free service and a paid for service. But in reality, if you have the means to pay (see below for payment methods) then we would recommend doing so – since it costs a mere 20CNY (2.8 USD) per month.

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23 iQIYI reviews. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees.

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· In May this year, iQIYI said: “The number of total subscribing members was 118.9 million as of March 31, 2020, 99.2% of whom were paying subscribing members.

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