10 Things to Know Before Moving from Texas to North Carolina (2022)

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10 Things to Know Before Moving from Texas to North Carolina (1)

While Texas is not the state sending the most residents to North Carolina, a healthy14,226of them made the move in 2019. As the 11th most popular state for Texan relocations, North Carolina offers some jarring changes (An abundance of trees and mountains, for example), that you will either love or hate. If you are considering a move from the Lone Star State to the Tar Heel State, be prepared for these 10 important changes.

Moving Costs TX to NC

10 Things to Know Before Moving from Texas to North Carolina (2)

Moving fromTexas to North Carolinacan be an exciting time, but overspending on your moving budget definitely won’t be. That is why Ward North American provides you with a reliable, accurate, and comprehensive quote for your moving services. Check out the average costs of moving with us, and then call us for a free quote tailored to your moving plans.

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Lower Taxes

Tax comparisons between Texas and North Carolina are a little tricky, because some taxes in NC are lower than in TX, and vice versa. Because Texas has no property or income taxes, you may need to adjust your finances to account for these new taxes when you move.

However, the Tar Heel State ranks lower in overall tax burdens than does Texas (35th in the country vs. 42nd in the country). Expect to pay less in North Carolina in overall sales and excise taxes, for example. And look forward to paying less in property taxes overall: While Texas does not have a state property tax, its county property tax rates average 1.81 percent, which is more than twice North Carolina’s rate of .78 percent.

High Quality Education

Texas offers many incredible educational opportunities for students, but North Carolina also offers highly-ranked schools throughout every level of education, from kindergarten to higher education. Overall, Texasranks31st in higher education and 35th in K-12 education in the country.North Carolinaranks 7th in the nation in higher education, and 15th in the nation for K-12 education.

You can especially find superior education for your children in counties such as Polk County, Dare County, and Wake County, as well as near big cities (e.g. Raleigh). Big schools you can live near in North Carolina? Try the renowned Duke University, Wake Forest University, Campbell University, and North Carolina State University.

Similar Politics

10 Things to Know Before Moving from Texas to North Carolina (3)

While certain areas of North Carolina are strongly Democratic (e.g. Raleigh, Greensboro, and Charlotte), the state overall has a similar political profile to Texas. This means that about40 percentof the population lean Republican, and many policies and leaders are of a more conservative bent.

Driver’s License Transfer

When you move from Texas to North Carolina, you will need to switch your TX driver’s license to an NC one. The state is generous in its requirements: You can wait up to 60 days before making the switch. You will need to stop by your local DMV in person, and bring a series of documents, including

  • Out-of-state license
  • Social Security card
  • Document verifying your NC address
  • Proof of insurance
  • Document proving legal status (If not originally from the U.S.)

Research Triangle Park

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In general, the economy and job prospects in North Carolina are growing rapidly. Originally known primarily as a grower of tobacco, the state now provides jobs in major industries such as

  • Aerospace and defense
  • Manufacturing
  • Information Technology
  • Biotechnology
  • Textiles
  • Tourism

However, one of the state’s fastest-growing and most desirable locations for work is Research Triangle Park, or the Research Triangle. This area gets its name from its position between Chapel Hill, Raleigh, and Durham, where you can find a large concentration of businesses that specialize in education, technology, and medicine.

The jobs available here are generally high-paying. While the median income in North Carolina is about$56,642per household, that average increases to$69,364in the Research Triangle. Close to desirable suburbs and housing, this area has much to offer Texans looking to make the most out of their new life in NC.

Mountains and Trees

10 Things to Know Before Moving from Texas to North Carolina (5)

When you move from Texas to North Carolina, be prepared to trade the flat, often dry landscape for rolling mountains and hills and abundant trees. North Carolina enjoys expansive tree cover throughout the state, but especially in the Blue Ridge Mountains and Great Smoky Mountains that cover the western part of the state. Enjoy the greenery and trees at home, or take a drive across the multi-state Blue Ridge Parkway to enjoy breathtaking mountain vistas along with endless trees.

Barbecue Changes

While not a factor that would affect your decision to move to North Carolina, you should brace yourself for some big changes in your barbecue experience. In Texas, brisket reigns supreme in the world of barbecue, and flavors delivered by various dry rubs focus on beef and the wood used for grilling the barbecue.

In North Carolina, however, barbecue is a different affair. More informal, it still generates strong feelings among residents, particularly when the matter of North Carolina vs. South Carolina comes up. North Carolina barbecue focuses on pork and often features a vinegar and mustard-based sauce instead of a tomato-based sauce. Prepare to learn more about barbecue, experience new flavors and concepts, and discover which type you like best when you move to the Tar Heel State.

College Sports

If you love college sports in Texas, you will love moving to North Carolina. The state embraces its own set of beloved college teams, and some rivalries that run as deep as the Texas vs. Oklahoma rivalry. Cheer on UNC Chapel Hill or Duke, the Tar Heels or the Wolfpack. College sports are strong in this state, so come prepared to discover some exciting new teams to love.

Lower Cost Of Living

10 Things to Know Before Moving from Texas to North Carolina (6)

Texas is known for itsaffordableprices on essentials such as utilities, food, and especially housing. But, when you move east to North Carolina, you can expect to find an even lowercost of living, and some pretty affordable essentials.

As with taxes, though, the savings you will discover will depend upon what you are buying. For example, housing in NC is 3 percent lower than Texas, but healthcare is 12 percent more expensive. Transportation in North Carolina is a full 20 percent less expensive than Texas, but houses are about the same median price ($242,300 in NC and $243,600 in TX).

The cost of living you will enjoy will also depend upon where in North Carolina you move. Big cities may cost more than rural areas – So do your research and find a place that supports your expected income and provides you with a high quality of life without eating up all of your paycheck.

Guns and Gun Laws

Texas is known for its generousgun laws that allow open carry, and license-less carry. North Carolina is similarly friendly to gun owners. The state does not require registration of your firearm, nor do you have to alert any official about possessing a firearm in the state (Unless you are pulled over and have a firearm in the car). Open carry is permitted.

You will need a permit to carry a concealed weapon in the state. The good news is that North Carolina honors the permits from Texas, as part of areciprocity agreementwith 36 states. That means you can bring your permit from Texas to North Carolina (If you have one). If you do not, you will need to get one when you move.

Cooler temperatures, greenery, mouth-watering barbecue, exciting job prospects, and a friendly atmosphere await you in North Carolina. But you don’t have to wait until you settle in to enjoy a positive move from Texas to North Carolina. When you hireWard North American as your mover, that friendly, positive, experience, as well as a meticulous concern for your possessions, starts right away. Contact us today to learn more!

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